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Peri-menopause – What’s happening to you.

Perimenopause is the time in a woman’s life when her body begins to change. She becomes less fertile, and her hormone levels fluctuate. Her ovaries slow down, her menstrual cycles change, and she may notice some unwanted weight gain. For some, hot flushes and sleep disturbances become persistent. Perimenopause heralds the end of her reproductive years, and many women feel anxious about the symptoms.

Perimenopause can begin for some women in their 30’s not most often in the 40’s and 50’s. There is no set time and realistically, there is no way to predict this. Women I speak to tell their doctors say their mother and grandmothers experience may be an indicator. But that seems to vary dramatically, even between sisters. My advice to women experiencing perimenopause and the start of this natural transition, is to “treat the symptoms as they present themselves.”

Here is a list of common symptoms and which herbal tea blends may help:

  • Menstrual cycle – changes in the menstrual flow and length of cycle
  • Hot Flushes – when the body experiences a surge in hormones, especially estrogen.
  • Mood swings – sudden changes in how you feel.
  • Itchy skin – no rash present but itchy skin at any time, particularly when exercising.
  • Unusual feminine odour – a change in the usual feminine smell.
  • Weight gain – a slowing down of metabolism.
  • Anxiety – feeling fearful of the future.
  • Changes in sleep patterns – insomnia and wakefulness
  • Fatigue and lack of energy – extreme tiredness and exhaustion, lack of motivation
  • Thinning hair –diminishing minerals & vitamins, hormonal changes.

Herbal teas can help. Here’s how

For changes in your menstrual cycle, random mood swings, unusual feminine odour and fatigue, I would suggest our FEMININE BALANCE tea.

This herbal tea has been formulated to help regulate hormones and ease discomfort with the herbs Chaste berry (also called Vitex) and Dong Quai (a Chinese herb). The herb Damiana helps to regulate the hormonal system and is considered a natural anti-depressant. Here’s what one customer wrote to me about her experience with the FEMININE BALANCE tea:

“I was struggling to drink water recently while I was unwell and decided to get into the teas I had in my pantry… The one I decided to drink the most was the Feminine Balance tea, just because I feel that I probably needed that the most. For a few months now, I had been struggling with a feminine small, which I had tested and came back normal…. After about 7 to 8 days of drinking the tea, I didn’t have the odour. The only change was that I was drinking more water, but it was through drinking the Feminine Balance tea…. I am not one to notice changes very easily, but the odour was gone! If other women have this issue, they need to know to drink this particular tea.”

Hot flushes are caused by the hypothalamus gland responding to fluctuating levels of estrogen in the blood, Sage is the herb for the flushing woman because it helps to reduce the “power suirges” when the unexpected hot flush happens randomly. Combined with Lemon Balm, which is calming, Yarrow, to help control the circulatory system and Red Clover to help regulate the hormones, this is a herbal tea that can help women manage their “change of life” experience.

For night sweats, drinking the tea in the evening may be helpful, drinking sufficient filtered water is a must (min 2 litres a day) to ensure the body is hydrated and minimising caffeinated drinks (coffee / black tea / soft drinks) is important to allow the body to function efficiently. This is what some customers have to say about the Menopause tea:

“I bought the MENOPAUSE tea, and I’ve been having a pot of it every evening for the past month, and it’s been great. I have been having a lot less “flushes” so I have been able to sleep better. Awesome!”– Bernie, Lakes entrance (Vic)

“I have been taking a synthetic hormone supplement from the menopause clinic for 5 years. After drinking the Menopause tea for a month, I cancelled the supplements. The tea is working better. I couldn’t be happier.” Tessa, Warragul (Vic)

Combining either of these teas (Menopause tea or Feminine Balance tea) with our WEIGHT tea and/or DETOX tea cane help with weight gain. Through diet and increased physical activity, you can shift those extra kilos and “menopause belly.” Our WEIGHT tea can stimulate the metabolism (metabolism means “breaking down food”) so nourishing your body with nutritious food and ensuring good hydration by drinking sufficient filtered water every day plus dietary changes like eliminating sugar, wheat, dairy and caffeine, and getting your walking shoes on, this tea can work really well.

Our DETOX tea is a gentle, non-purging herbal tea blend designed to support and nourish the liver, our major detoxifying organ. If extreme tiredness is an issue, then our FATIGUE tea should be added to your brew. Thinning hair can be addressed with our HAIR tea, drinking it and using it as a hair rinse and massaging into the scalp.

For anxiety, combining our STRESS HEAD tea with the CALM tea and sipping during the day – or adding it to the MENOPAUSE tea – can relieve the fearful feelings and help to settle random mood swings. Whatever your experience, remember that perimenopause is an indication of change and menopause is a natural phase in every woman’s life.

Deal with the symptoms as they present themselves and know that with good hydration, dietary changes and herbal teas, you can handle this significant time in your life.


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