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Menopause – yes, it’s real and every woman is different.

Oolong Tea
Exploring the benefits of herbal detox tea for liver and body cleansing
May 14, 2024
Oolong Tea
Exploring the benefits of herbal detox tea for liver and body cleansing
May 14, 2024

It was once called “the change” or “change of life” when a woman went through the transitional phase of menopause. It’s a time that marks the end of the menstrual cycle for women and the cessation of the fertility cycle is entirely natural and an important part of a woman’s life. Menopause is basically nature’s contraceptive; it is not a disease and using synthetic hormones to replace the hormones that are designed to diminish is contrary to nature and health.

Menopause was intended by nature to be a gradual process of reduced estrogen output by the ovaries with few, if any, side effects. In a normal, healthy well-nourished and active woman, the pituitary glands send signals to the other glands such as the adrenals, and fat tissue to increase their estrogen output. It is only when the adrenal glands are exhausted from poor diet, excessive caffeine consumption, lack of hydration, and stress that the system may fail leading to severe changes that is now accepted as “normal” menopause symptoms.

For most woman, the first indication that the change is happening is a change in the normal pattern of periods and often hot flushes and night sweats. The age a woman can experience “the change” can vary from early 40s to late 60s and any time in between. There is no way to know your exact menopause age until it happens.

Some doctors tell women that their mother and grandmothers experience might be an indicator but these days, with different diets and lifestyles, there is no way to accurately tell. Physically, what is happening is the ovaries begin to atrophy and cause a decline in the production of the hormones that stimulate the menstrual cycle: estrogen and progesterone. Because every woman’s experience is different, I suggest to customers is to deal with the symptoms as they present themselves.

Hot flushes and night sweats are caused by the hypothalamus gland responding to fluctuating levels of estrogen in the blood. Sage is the herb that can be most helpful for the flushing woman because it helps to reduce the “power surges” when the unexpected hot flush happens randomly.

Combined with Lemon Balm, which is calming, Yarrow, to help control the circulatory system and Red Clover to help regulate the hormones this is an herbal tea that can help women manage their “change of life” experience.

For night sweats, drinking this tea in the evening may be helpful. Drinking sufficient filtered water is a must (min 2 litre a day) to ensure the body is hydrated. Minimising caffeinated drinks (coffee/black tea/soft drinks) is important to allow the body to function efficiently. Sleep problems, exhaustion and fatigue and weight gain due to a slower metabolism are also common symptoms that can be addressed.

Our SLEEP tea can be combined with the MENOPAUSE tea in the evening to help get a restful night sleep.
For today’s woman, dealing with a busy lifestyle can cause a constant feeling of exhaustion. This is often related to the drop in the hormones and both estrogen and progesterone play a big role in metabolism.

That is why our FATIGUE tea can help nourish the glandular system, especially the adrenal glands and support normal function. For weight gain, our WEIGHT tea combined with the DETOX tea can help to support the liver and boost the metabolism. Any of these teas can be combined into one brew and sipped throughout the day.
Dietary changes (cutting our sugar, wheat, dairy and caffeine) plus exercise (walking a ½ hour day can make a difference) and good hydration (min 2 litres of water a day) are vital for this to be effective. A liver cleansing program, like the Liver and Gallstone cleanse (see the Blog) can also be helpful to kick start a weight loss regime.
So, make the changes to ease the change.

This is what some customers have to say about Herbal teas Australia MENOPAUSE tea:
I bought the MENOPAUSE tea and I’ve been having a pot of it every evening for the past month, and it’s been great. I have been having a lot less “flushes” so I have been able sleep a better. Awesome!” – Bernie from Lakes Entrance (Vic).

And Tessa from Warragul (Vic) “I have been taking a synthetic hormone supplement from the menopause clinic for 5 years. After drinking the MENOPAUSE tea for a month, I cancelled the supplements. The tea is working better. I couldn’t be happier.”

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