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Every week, I talk with young people, men and women, with thinning hair and, quite often, losing their hair. I talk to them about a range of causes and remedies, as well as recommending herbal teas and herbal remedies which have a vital role in helping to enrich thinning hair and provide essential minerals to the body.

With the use of highly toxic chemicals in hair products, it’s not surprising that both men and women, and even teenagers, are dealing with hair conditions such as hair loss, scalp irritation and thin, limp hair. Hair loss happens when the body cannot sustain enough minerals, so it rations what it does have in the torso to keep our organs functioning. That is why thinning hair is a sign that all is not well in the body. It can be alerting to conditions such as hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, excessive stress (emotional & physical) poor nutrition, excessive caffeine consumption and hair products.

Common reasons for hair loss
Two of the most common causes of hair loss today are the hair products in most people’s bathrooms (and used on children!) and high caffeine consumption. (That’s 2 or more cups a day of either tea or coffee.) Ingredients in shampoo, conditioners, hair products & hair dyes contain some of the most toxic chemicals used on our body. Chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is the dominant ingredient in almost all shampoos (also in toothpaste) has a toxic effect on the immune system and has been shown to corrode hair follicles and impede hair growth. Research by the American College of Toxicology claims that SLS will stay in the body for up to 5 days and maintain residual levels in the heart, liver, brain and lungs.

Hair dyes, made from toxic chemicals, must be detoxified by the liver, and are identified by the immune system as foreign invaders. The health of the liver and immune system are compromised by the use of toxic products applied to hair. When the liver is busy trying to detoxify foreign chemicals, estrogen metabolism may not be properly completed and breast cancer may be promoted.

Chemical-free hair & personal products

I strongly advocate chemical-free hair and personal products for health and well-being, especially for children. Children’s immature immune systems must deal with highly toxic chemicals, and the ramifications of that is that their health will inevitably suffer. I use and recommend Warbotanicals hair products from Warburton Wellbeing, an ethical business based in Warburton, Victoria. They are not only affordable, but their products nourish the hair without the use of any toxic chemicals. (You can find them online.)

High caffeine intake will also deplete a body of vital minerals.
It is estimated that one cup of coffee or tea will flush out up to 70% of the body’s calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and other vital minerals. So for the person who drinks 2 – 3 cups a day, they are seriously depleted of minerals. That’s because the impact of caffeine on the kidneys, which is where our minerals are absorbed, is so profound – despite what the marketing and advertising media try to tell us about caffeine being good for us.

An indication that the kidneys are having trouble coping is hair disappearing from the forehead. And sadly, that’s not just for men, but more and more women are experiencing this type of hair loss.

Good nutrition is vital

Good nutrition is vital for hair health. Because hair strands are composed of protein, so lots of fruit and vegetables in the diet are necessary to ensure the full spectrum of nutrients

Herbal Teas Australia HAIR tea is ideal to help nourish the body and to drink in place of caffeinated drinks. It is also a good hair rinse as well, as it can help to nourish the hair follicles and soothe scalp irritations. If you are having an issue with hair loss or need to enrich thinning, limp hair, go to to read more about the HAIR tea, for a list of stockist or to order online

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