There are many reason why people have trouble sleeping and herbal teas are a good option, especially for children. There are quite a few herbal teas that can help.
I was alarmed recently to read about children as young as 3 years old becoming sleep deprived because of the use of smartphones and telecommunication devices. These devices emit a blue light from the screen which inhibits the release of the hormone melatonin that prepares the body for sleep.
I was alerted to this issue about a year ago by a young customer, a boy of about 7, who told me that he had trouble sleeping after doing his school homework on a tablet device each night. His mother told me that the boy had made the connection between his inability to sleep and the computer device himself.
However, schools require children to use these devices rather the old, exercise book and pencil. Also reading books is taking a back step in favour of reading from computer screens.
I cannot change the habit of parents using these devices or of teachers requiring homework on a computer. But I can offer my SLEEP tea that can help to settle children at night.
I use the herb Skullcap, which can help stop mind chatter and a busy mind.
This happens when the adrenal glands are still in “overdrive” even though the body wants to relax. Skullcap helps to shut that down. I have combined Skullcap with Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Passionflower which are calming, relaxing and sedative herbs. It’s a very effective combination that is safe for children (and babies!) and certainly helpful for adults wanting to get a restful sleep.
Herbal Teas Australia CALM tea and the CALM WITH LAVENDER tea are also helpful as after dinner and evening teas that are digestive as well as restive.
CALM tea combines the delicious Spearmint flavor with Chamomile and Calendula and the CALM WITH LAVENDER tea is a blend of Chamomile, Oatstraw (a good nerve tonic), Lavender and Calendula.
Herbal teas are also restorative which means they can be nourishing and improve your overall health.
Many adults suffer from sleep deprivation and I find that the SLEEP tea is by far the most sought after Herbal Teas Australia herbal tea blend.
High caffeine intake during the day, energy drinks that contain caffeine and numerous cups of black tea all contribute the a sleepless night.
Reducing caffeine – or ideally cutting it out to give the kidneys and liver a rest – and drinking calming teas to help reduce the impact on the adrenal glands, are strategies that will give you a good nights sleep.

Here’s a testimonial about the SLEEP tea from a young mum:

“Incredible is the only word to describe these teas. As a Mum to a toddler, sleep has been a bit ‘non existent’ for both of us. Well, a tiny bit in water for my son and a cup for me, we both have been getting a full nights sleep and waking well rested – finally! I have been recommending to all my friends!
Thanks Liz they are amazing

Jessie Minch, Ferntree Gully, Vic.