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Prostate – Herbal Tea

Prostate – Herbal Tea


* Great value with min 100 cups from every 50gm packet.

This herbal tea may assist with a range of urinary issues, including prostate disorders and cystitis. The Epilobium soothes the bladder, Pau D’Arco is anti-fungal and anti-septic and the Saw Palmetto and Siberian Ginseng can soothe the kidneys. May be helpful for urinary urgency and to reduce frequent night time bathroom visits.
The main ingredient I have used in the Prostate tea blend is Epilobium which has a very interesting story. When I designed this tea blend, I took the lead from renowned Australian herbalist, Hilde Hemmes.
It was through a German herbal book that Hilde made the connection between the herb Epilobium and prostate issues suffered by many men.
The prostate gland is found only in men and by the age of 50 years it is estimated that nearly a third of men will experience some symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
Prostate enlargement is the most common prostate disorder but when this develops into prostatitis, which is inflammation, it can become a very serious health issue.
A great endorsement for this herb is by some very prominent Australians who have used it and sung its praise, including Bob Jane, the motoring magnate, Pro Hart, a renowned artist and best of all, Smoky Dawson, one of Australia’s living legends, who wrote a song extolling the efficacy of Epilobium.
Other ingredients in this tea are Saw Palmetto, another herb that can help with decreasing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate,
Pau D’Arco, an anti-fungal herb, which is also anti-inflammatory and helps to boost the immune system and Siberian Ginseng which helps to soothe inflammation in glands, including the prostate gland.
Replacing caffeinated drinks with this tea and drink it once a day will make a significant difference.
These herbs are a tonic so they can help in many ways. Make the herbs into a hot infusion by steeping for between 5-10 minutes, and consume immediately. Or allow to cool and consume cold, this can easily be placed in a water bottle and sipped on during the day. Cooking with herbs adds flavour and have a therapeutic benefit for your food. Lightly fry a tablespoon of herbs in a little oil then continue with your recipe. Enjoy making herbs part of your healthy lifestyle.

* Sourced from the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients from Australia and around the world
* Loose leaf means high flavour and potency for maximum therapeutic benefit.
* Most tea-bags contain plastic, go plastic free and choose loose leaf
* Hand blended in small batches for optimum quality assurance
* A herbal tea blend that can help with various urinary issues including prostate, cystitis, UTI and bladder infections

There are absolutely no preservatives, colourings, flavourings or sweeteners in these herbal teas.

Ingredients: Organic Epilobium (Willow Herb), Pau D’Arco, Saw Palmetto & Siberian Ginseng.

All Herbal Teas Australia are:

  • Finest organic and wild crafter ingredients from Australia and globally.
  • Loose leaf for maximum flavour and therapeutic benefits.
  • Hand-blended in small batches for quality assurance.
  • No preservatives, colouring, flavourings or sweeteners.
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