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Matcha Green – Herbal Tea

Matcha Green – Herbal Tea


* Great value with min 100 cups from every 50gm packet.

Matcha Green tea is a potent, high-quality green tea that boosts energy, helps you to stay alert but calm and is rich in chlorophyll and minerals.
Here’s what a customer told us from what she observed in her son. “I have a 24 year-old son who has been drinking Matcha green tea every day for 12 months and it has dramatically evened out his moods and he is more settled.He makes a soup mug of it every day. He works a busy and stressful job and was always very anxious. I have watched him become calmer and better able to cope in his job and in life. It’s the best medicine. I would recommend drinking the Matcha Green tea to any young person, especially if they suffer from anxiety or stress related job.”

This is how Matcha Green tea is processed. Before harvesting the green leaves, some of the crop is covered so that when deprived of sunlight, the plant will over produce chlorophyll. When the leaves are dried, they are then pulverized to make a powder so when you make a brew, you ingest the whole of the plant, rather than making a tea with the leaves, discarding the leaves and drinking the liquid.

There are absolutely no preservatives, colorings or flavourings in these herbal teas and from each packet you will get a minimum of 100 cups of tea.

All Herbal Teas Australia are:

  • Finest organic and wild crafter ingredients from Australia and globally.
  • Loose leaf for maximum flavour and therapeutic benefits.
  • Hand-blended in small batches for quality assurance.
  • No preservatives, colouring, flavourings or sweeteners.
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