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Single Herbs

Sometimes, customers request a single herb and part of our comprehensive range of herbal teas is to offer much sought after herbs.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, herbal blends work in synergy and harmony to achieve a common goal, like regulating cholesterol levels, inflammation or digestive health issues. But single herbs have different characteristics and customers usually know what medicinal benefit they want.

The premium single herbs we offer are of the high quality, certified organic and wildcrafted herbs that Herbal Teas Australia is known for.

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  • Graviola-Soursop-scaled-1.jpg

    Graviola (Soursop) – Herbal Tea

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    Herb Robert – Herbal Tea

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  • Matcha Green – Herbal Tea

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  • Moringa leaves – Herbal Tea

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  • Mullein herbal tea

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  • Organic Chamomile - Herbal Tea

    Organic Chamomile – Herbal Tea

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  • Organic Nettle - Herbal Tea

    Organic Nettle – Herbal Tea

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  • Pine Needle Tea

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  • Organic Raspberry leaf - Herbal Tea

    Raspberry Leaf – Herbal Tea

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  • Turmeric Organic Herbs

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  • Yerba Mate – Organic Herbal Tea

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