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Get well and stay well

When it comes to staying healthy, diet and hydration continue to be the most important factors to maintain overall wellness. Especially during the winter months. Because we know that “you are what you eat” it just stands to reason that without a varied and balanced diet, and adequate hydration, we are not providing our bodies with the vital nutrition to be healthy. Scroll down to read what can trigger ill health and what you can do to prevent disease and infection from taking hold. Plus, scroll down to find out how to incorporate our soup herbs into your diet and warm up on chilly days with soups and broths.

Soup Herbs

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Buy 3 packets of tea and we will give you a FREE 20gm packet of COLD & FLU tea. Having the COLD & FLU tea means you have a “go to” remedy to stimulate and boost your immune system. Ideal for the whole family, including children. Buy 3 Wellness teas and get a FREE 20gm packet of COLD & FLU tea. You don’t need a special code, your FREE gift will automatically be added to your order.

Cold and Flu (Winter Blend) - Herbal Tea


Live your best – and healthy – life.

Regulation of our body’s pH (acid/alkaline ratio) is absolutely essential for life and our bodies cannot function efficiently if it is acidic. In fact, our blood needs to maintain a slightly alkaline pH to enable oxygen to be transported to our tissues and for enzymes to remain active. Just like a swimming pool, adjusting the pH levels to ensure that germs cannot live and breed. When our body has excess acid, it will struggle to eliminate it via the lungs, kidneys and skin. To neutralise acids so they can be eliminated, our body uses alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. When our diet is deficient in these minerals, the body then “steals” the minerals from our bones, muscles and organs. When these alkaline minerals become depleted, then illness and disease can take hold. Osteoporosis (weakened bones), muscle wasting, physical stress (cramping) or heart disease, are just some of the health issues people will suffer from. When our cells become acidic, they also become low in oxygen, malnourished and sluggish leading to illness and fatigue.

That is why a diet high in vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is important. Incorporating herbal teas is also a major factor in a healthy diet replacing excessive caffeine in coffee and black tea which depletes calcium and magnesium and sugary drinks which not only deplete alkaline minerals but disrupt the balance of all other important minerals. Make herbal teas a daily ritual and part of your healthy regime. Good health is worth the effort.

Blood Balance - Herbal Tea


Tummy - Herbal Tea


Skin - Herbal Tea


Soup-Herbs – Perfect for broths

In the Herbal Teas Australia Soup-Herb range, I’ve designed 3 products that can add a healthy dose of nutrients to your cooking to make soups, gravy, sauces & marinades. These products are ideal for making Paleo broths and are FOD map friendly. Our Soup-Herbs have absolutely no preservatives, flavourings or colourings, just the high quality organic herbs that Herbal Teas Australia organic herbal tea range is known for. The 3 products are: DIGEST-EASE with organic Ginger root, Dandelion root, Nettle & Dong Quai. IMMUNE-BOOST with organic Astragalus, Basil, Dandelion root & Nettle. INFLAM-EASE with organic Turmeric, Tulsi, Cleavers & Yarrow. Here’s what I do. I lightly fry a tablespoon of the herbs in a little olive oil for a minute and then add vegetables, stock & water if making a broth or other ingredients to make a sauce or curry. Lightly frying the herbs releases an amazing aroma and the therapeutic benefits you will enjoy. Every 35gm packet of Soup-Herbs will make a min. of 6 litres of broth.

Soup-herb Inflam-ease


Soup-herb Digest-ease


Soup-herb Immune Boost



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