Everyday Cooking

Enjoy herbs

In everyday cooking, people use herbs – parsley, thyme, Tumeric, oregano, rosemary, sage – just to name a few.

And many of these herbs were original used as medicines.

For example, Tumeric used to be referred to as “poor man’s saffron” and people mostly used it to color their rice.

In India, Tumeric has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal home remedy to treat inflammation, infections and bruising.

Using herbs in cooking can be as simple as lightly sautéing a spoonful of herbs in a little olive or coconut oil and then adding vegetables, stock or condiments.

Any of my herbal teas can be used in this way. Or drizzle olive oil over vegetables and sprinkle with your chosen blend and roast them.

Fry a little of the herbs and then add scrambled eggs for breakfast. Or, make iced blocks with a strong brew and add to a glass of natural mineral water for a refreshing drink in summer.

Soup Herbs perfect for broths

In the Herbal Teas Australia Soup-Herb range, I’ve designed 3 products that can add a healthy dose of nutrients to your cooking to make soups, gravy, sauces & marinades.

These products are ideal for making Paleo broths and are FOD map friendly.

These 3 products have absolutely no preservatives, flavorings or colorings, just the high quality organic herbs that Herbal Teas Australia organic herbal tea range is known for.

The 3 products are:

DIGEST-EASE with organic Ginger root, Dandelion root, Nettle & Dong Quai.

IMMUNE-BOOST with organic Astragalus, Basil, Dandelion root & Nettle.

INFLAM-EASE with organic Turmeric, Tulsi, Cleavers & Yarrow.

What I do is lightly fry a tablespoon of the herbs in a little olive oil for a minute and then add vegetables, stock & water if making a broth or other ingredients to make a sauce or curry. Lightly frying the herbs releases an amazing aroma and the therapeutic benefits you will enjoy.

Every 35gm packet of Soup-Herbs will make a min. of 6 litres of broth.