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herbal-teas-australia"Herbs and health are natural companions"
renowned Australian herbalist Hilde Hemmes

My story so far…

I was a young mother when I was first introduced to herbs and developed a keen interest in natural remedies.

Whether it was supporting breastfeeding, minor children’s ailments – I was reluctant to just follow the status quo and was always researching and searching for answers.

As a journalist I was professionally inquisitive too so I questioned both natural remedies and traditional medicines.

Natural remedies soon became my passion because I liked the positive effect they had on our well-being.

Simple Remedy That Calmed & Soothed

I vividly recall back in the 1980’s when my European mother-in-law bottle-fed my 7 month-old daughter chamomile tea. (It is still my daughters “go-to” comfort drink).

This was a simple remedy that calmed and soothed my baby, provided nourishment and best of all, had no side-effects!

It intrigued and fascinated me that for Europeans, herbs were a part of life, using them medicinally and in their everyday cooking.

Natural remedies became a very important part of my family. As my children grew, so did my knowledge of how natural remedies had a positive effect on my family’s health, how natural remedies work with the body and the healing power of herbs.

Martial Arts and Herbal Teas

This was even more evident for me when I dealt with a serious health issue 15 years ago and decided on a change of career. During this period, I became involved in martial arts and later became a First Dan Black Belt in Karate.

At this time, I became focused on developing a professional career in the health and healing industry, owning and operating health food businesses, studying health, nutrition and becoming a herbalist – as well as talking to thousands of people about their health concerns and experiences.

In my health food businesses, I would make up herbal teas for people who, for various reasons, were not able to take a supplement or to support whatever medications (supplements or pharmaceutical medicines) they were taking.

Customers Were Asking

“I suffer from gout; do you have a tea that can help?” asked a man in his 40s.

“My doctor wants me to take medications for cholesterol but I want to try diet and exercise first. Do you have a tea that might help?”

“I suffer from bloating and heartburn,” asked a young woman, “is there a tea that can help with that?”

“Hot flushing from menopause keeps me awake at night, is there a tea that can help me sleep and stop the flushing?”

“My husband suffers badly from restless legs at night. It disturbs both of us. What can I do to help?”

Ancient Knowledge

Inspired by those customers and keen to share this ancient knowledge of herbs I designed recipes and crafted the blends that you can enjoy today.

My philosophy when creating Herbal Teas Australia organic herbal teas was to give people high quality organic herbal teas, using Australian organic herbs wherever possible, and provide health information, about diet & lifestyle which can result in a healthier life.

I wanted to present the teas with labels to address specific health issues so that customers could identify with them, to be curious as to how they can help and to spark their interest about various herbal remedies.

Healthy Life For Everyone

I care about people and the possibility of a healthy life for everyone, including myself.

I understand that men, in particular, find it difficult to discuss health issues and this can cost them dearly in health and happiness. But having a partner or friend to share a herbal tea with them, can somehow start a process that shows they are cared about.

Actually, I find it inspiring how many men buy my teas, who like to discuss various remedies and who have a great perspective about health and healing.

I am especially inspired today by the number of young people who are researching and involving themselves in the groundswell of people keen to eat well and include herbal teas in their healthy lifestyle.

We are all on this journey together and I am glad to be part of YOUR incredible health journey.