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Breast Cancer – A Monthly Checklist For All Women

BREAST CANCER is a major health issue for women these days, and the increase in the number of women being diagnosed is astronomical. Herbal teas and remedies have a place in our diet and health regimes, but there is so much more that can be done to safeguard against all degenerative diseases.

While many people are supporting the search for a cure, I thought some of the following advice on prevention was just as vital. There’s a saying about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

This was sent to me from a friend, and I think this is one of the best contributions to women’s health you could receive.

Many of you would have been asked to put a ❤️on your Facebook wall to raise awareness for breast cancer. The idea is to remind women to check their boobs, but there are many more things you can be doing to take care of them and other ways I personally find more effective.

As harmless as this is, and I mean no disrespect to anyone, I’d prefer to offer you something more practical.

* Check the ingredients in your deodorant. We have very important lymph glands in those armpits and their job is to expel toxins, so applying chemicals to the skin just makes them have to work much harder. Find a natural, more caring brand, have a day off from wearing any at all every now and again. If your diet is good, you shouldn’t smell too bad anyway. If you do smell bad, your body is doing its job, it is expelling toxins. And consider that women apply @500 chemicals to their body every day, without thinking that your skin is a huge sponge that will soak up everything, including toxins, and then process and store them somewhere. For women, the toxic store house is in soft tissue – breast tissue. (You can read more about toxic substances women apply to their body in the Blog “Our skin is a living, breathing & integral part of our health.”)

*Detox your home of harmful chemicals – go for organic, low allergy products – anything that touches your skin you should investigate the ingredients, including washing & dish washing products.

*Stop eating sugar, it’s one of the most toxic substances in the modern diet and leads to many health issues.

* When you are relaxing at home, take your bra off, those straps and wires restrict the flow of the lymphatic fluid that is working really hard to remove toxins from your body. If you can, find a comfortable wire free bra if you really have to wear one during the day.

* If you consume animal products, please try to switch to the organic variety, you really don’t want all those added hormones floating around in your body playing havoc with your endocrine system.
Butter, milk and soup bones are the easiest (and least expensive) place to start switching to organic.

* If you have unresolved emotions, talk to someone, get some counselling or talk to someone who you trust. Thoughts can be toxic too, and grief can lead to dis-ease.

* Drink lots of water, move your body, message yourself (or get someone else to) and really invest in your health, it is the most important thing you have.

*Get out in the morning or late afternoon sun, exercise, walk, laugh & have fun.

* Do what you love – being trapped in a job you hate or even a relationship that isn’t supportive is denying the nurturing and love your body needs. Follow your heart and your passion.

Please pass it on to other women, it is important to take care of our physical, emotional and spiritual health because good healthy habits are more than just what we eat and drink.

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