Healthy Hair, Glowing Skin And Sparkling Eyes – Here’s How?

Healthy hair, glowing skin and sparkling eyes – here’s how.

NEEDING A GOOD CLEANOUT – herbal teas can help with your detoxing.
January 24, 2019
Lockdown blog
August 25, 2021
NEEDING A GOOD CLEANOUT – herbal teas can help with your detoxing.
January 24, 2019
Lockdown blog
August 25, 2021

Thinning hair is a sign that all is not well in the body. Acne & pimples can be a problem for everyone,
not just teenagers. And sometimes, our eyes can get a little cloudy from infection, dryness or hay
Here’s your recipe for healthy hair, glowing skin and sparkling eyes
Thinning hair can be an alert to conditions in your body like hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency,
excessive stress (emotionally & physical) or poor nutrition.
Shampoos, hair products and hair dyes can also be implicated in hair loss. Ingredients such as
sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is the dominant ingredient in almost all shampoos (also in
toothpastes), has a toxic effect on the immune system & has been shown to corrode hair follicles
and impede hair growth.
Excessive caffeine consumption, (more than 1 coffee, black tea or cola drink a day) because of its
diuretic action on the kidney and toxic effect on the liver, increases the elimination of vitamins &
minerals from the body. Hair is mineral rich and because hair loss is not life threatening (it’s a
warning sign) the body will concentrate vitamins & minerals on supporting the vital organs and off-
load what it cannot support – the hair.
Acne and pimples can be a problem for many people and the underlying cause is diet. Our skin is
made from the inside out and takes 20-30 days for the skin now being formed to reach the surface
and that’s why external treatments can do little to affect the developing skin.
Most skin issues, especially acne and pimples, are an indication that the liver is overwhelmed.
Dietary culprits are dairy (the liver is not processing milk fats) sugar (the pancreas is overloaded and
is relying on the liver to help) and caffeine (caffeine is toxic and the liver becomes overloaded and
struggles to cope.)
The recipe for smooth, healthy skin? Cut the crap. Nourish your body and your skin will tell the story.
Itchy, swollen eyes, an itchy throat and constant sneezing – that’s how some people endure the
warm Spring weather and it’s not pleasant.
Hay fever is the common name for “allergic rhinitis” which means an allergy affects the nose and is
caused by the nose and/or eyes coming into contact with environmental allergens, such as pollens,
dust mite, moulds and animal hair.
Herbal teas that can help.
Healthy hair – Our HAIR tea is a blend of mineral rich herbs to help strengthen and enrich thinning
hair. As well as drinking the tea to replace caffeine, you can also use it as a hair rinse to massage an
itchy scalp and to detoxify your hair when you change from chemical to non-chemical hair products.
Glowing skin – Our SKIN tea has blood cleansing herbs that can help with a variety of skin issues,
including acne and eczema. It is delicious and nutritive.
Sparkling eyes – Our EYES tea can be helpful for tired & irritated eyes and sinus irritation. It is both
therapeutic and delicious to drink and can be used as an eye wash. Soaking cotton balls in the cold
tea and laying back and resting the cotton balls on the eyelids helps to reduce inflammation, soothe
sore and itchy eyes and help with mucous congestion in the sinuses.

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