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How Caffeine Affects Your Work, Rest & Play.

Herbal teas are rapidly becoming the beverage of choice at many cafés. However, for a long time, caffeine has been the most prevalent stimulant in the world.  Caffeine comes in many forms such as coffee, tea, Coca-Cola & energy drinks, diet pills and green tea.

While caffeine may increase your concentration, alertness & reaction time, and reduce fatigue, it’s very short-lived and causes a huge drop in blood sugar soon, creating the need for continual consumption.

Herbal remedies in the form of herbal teas can be an option for many people who want to limit their caffeine intake or break a caffeine addiction.

The health effects of caffeine, especially long-term or excessive consumption include

  1. Decreases nutrient absorption, especially the mineral iron by 39%, as the acid in coffee eats away the small intestine lining where you absorb your nutrients.
  2. Produces anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, irritability & racing heart.
  3. Alerts mood and sleep patterns.
  4. Increases cholesterol levels, raises LDL-cholesterol (the bad one) and lowers HDL (the good one.)
  5. Increases blood pressure & increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
  6. Causes gastric acid secretion, gastric ulcers & irritable bowel syndrome.

What about instant coffee?

Unfortunately, this is worse. Toxic chemicals such as Castrol are used in making instant coffee, which increases cholesterol. Coffee is also one of the most highly sprayed crops globally.

And decaf?

Petroleum-based chemicals such as dry-cleaning fluid and paint stripper, are used as solvents to decaffeinate coffee.

Soft drinks?

Soft drinks contain excess phosphorus, a mineral that could lead to the leaching of calcium from your bones, which in turn leads to osteoporosis. Some researchers believe that calcium is first robbed from the jaw leading to tooth loss, and later the hips, knee joints and spine.

Soft drinks, in particular cola drinks, have a very high acidity (pH). Your body tissues

require a precise pH level for good health and when this acidity level varies dramatically, which it does when cola drinks are ingested, the body must use all its alkaline minerals (especially calcium & magnesium) to maintain a balance otherwise degenerative illness and diseases flourish. The body also becomes overloaded with toxins, which are pollutants in our body.

Alternative beverages?

Herbal teas that are highly nutritive and help restore digestive function are a health option, especially if you prefer a hot drink and/or want to replace caffeinated drinks. Mint teas, such as TUMMY and MINT MAGIC offer a delicious drink, hot or cold, and they are soothing on the stomach lining (mucous membrane) allowing the digestive system to do its job properly. Herbal teas also do not contain caffeine, so they will not strip vital minerals from your body.

Other tea such as DETOX will nurture the liver and BLOOD BALANCE will help to regulate blood pressure. All these blends are delicious to drink, are safe for children and offer a healthy alternative to regular caffeine consumption.

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