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Do you use teabags ?

We only sell the best quality Loose leaf teas. We also offer tea infusers – reusable tea bags – that you can use to make your favourite brew. Good for the environment and great for you.

Who is Herbal Teas Australia ?

Herbal Teas Australia is Australia’s most comprehensive range of herbal tea blends. We offer a range of Wellness teas for health issues, Everyday teas for your daily enjoyment, Kids Love Teas range for young tea drinkers, Smokers Blends for nicotine quitters, Soup...

Can I mix the teas together?

Mixing the teas to make one brew is very practical and I am always suggesting to customers to do that. It just makes it more convenient. Herbs are plant food and the body recognises and responds to them. Just like you can combine different vegetables to make a soup,...
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