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Why choose Loose leaf ?

Loose leaf teas are not mass-produced or industrially processed like teabags. Also, teabags are made from a special plastic fibre. Loose leaf tea tastes fresher and is much better quality. Loose leaf can also nourish your garden as it can be composted.  Good for you and good for the environment.

What is Certified Organic ?

Certified organic teas are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilisers. No pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilisers, no preservatives, no additives, no GMOs -that’s right, no nasties. It also means the herbs are compost, so they nourish your garden as well.

What are wild-crafted herbs ?

Wildcrafted herbs are grown directly in nature with no human intervention. The herbs have been gathered from the wild and often in their native origin.

Do you have gift vouchers available ?

Yes, we do! When you can’t decide on which tea blend for someone special, our Gift Vouchers are perfect so they can choose their favourite. The best thing is it is delivered directly to them. 

Are all the teas blends or do you have some single herbs ?

We have a range of much sought-after single herbs.

Are your teas decaffeinated ?

Our herbal blends do not contain caffeine – unless they contain black tea (ie Black Chai) or Green tea. Otherwise, they only contain the herbs listed under ingredients on the front of each packet.

Do you use teabags ?

We only sell the best quality loose-leaf teas. We also offer tea infusers – reusable tea bags – that you can use to make your favourite brew. Good for the environment and great for you.

Is it better value to use organic Loose leaf ?

Yes, you don’t have to use as much of the Loose leaf herbs because, without the process, they retain their flavour and potency.

How much do I need to use ?

We use 1 – 2 teaspoons of the herbs per 1 litre teapot. However, you can make the herbal tea as strong or as weak as you prefer.

How big are the packets ?

Most of the Herbal Teas Australia herbal tea blends are 50gm packets. Some are 100gm packets. Check the Shop page.

How much herbal tea should I drink to enjoy the benefits ?

That will always depend on several factors. Firstly, which herbal tea blend you are drinking, what the health issue is, whether you are taking medications, how hydrated you are, your diet and caffeine intake.

As you can see many factors must be considered. What I suggest to customers is to make a pot of herbal tea and drink 2 – 3 cups as well as your water, every day. Adults should drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.

Water temperature ?

Call me old fashioned but I boil the kettle and make the tea. For some green teas, allowing the water to go off the boil and then pouring over the herbs is a much-preferred way to make the tea. You will notice that different cultures have various ways of making tea. There is no right or wrong way, so make it part of your journey in exploring what works for you. Just like some people like drinking scalding hot tea others prefer it cold, it is about what suits you.

I’m not sure which tea I should choose, can you help ?

If you are unsure which tea might be best for your health and well-being, go to our Health Conditions page to make it easy to make a selection. If you have any questions about the teas, or for recommendations, please contact me via email at for my suggestions.

Are your pouches recyclable ?

We use premium re-sealable kraft packets that have a food-grade lining. The packets are heat-sealed for freshness which means the herbs stay fresher for longer. Please check your local council requirements for re-cycle options.

What about wholesale for business ?

Yes, we have a list of retailers across Australia who stock our herbal teas. Go to the Find a Store page to find one near you.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, and Amex via the Stripe option. If you don’t have a credit card, you can use PayPal using your bank account.

Who is Herbal Teas Australia ?

Herbal Teas Australia is Australia’s most comprehensive range of herbal tea blends. We offer a range of Wellness teas for health issues, Everyday teas for your daily enjoyment, Kids Love Teas range for young tea drinkers, Smokers Blends for nicotine quitters, Soup Herbs for making soups and broths, Facial Steaming herbs for skin conditions. Plus, we have some much sought-after single herbs.

How much is shipping ?

We offer FREE shipping (Australia only) on all orders over $75. For orders under $75, shipping is $10 and is added at the checkout.

We ship with Australia Post – Delivery timeframes for Standard Post are approximately 2 – 6 days (can be subject to delays, to get current information or shipping delays please check the Australia Post website)

Worldwide shipping – Rates for international shipping are calculated at checkout.

What is your refund policy ?

At Herbal Teas Australia, we want you to be happy with your purchase. In the unlikely event, that one of our teas does not meet your expectations you may return the tea, provided it is unopened and in its original condition, for a refund of the purchase price within 14 days from the date of purchase (indicated on your online order)

Please email us via our Contact Us page and include your order number and we will send you instructions on how to return the tea.

Please note: Allow 2 weeks from the time we receive your return to allow us to process your refund. Only products purchased online from the Herbal Teas Australia website will be accepted for return. If you have purchased Herbal Teas Australia tea blends from another online store or retailer, please contact them directly. Once your return is confirmed our return address is

Herbal Teas Australia

P.O. Box 33

Sale 3850


When will my order be dispatched ?

We know that once you have placed your order, you are anxious to take delivery, so all orders placed before 3 pm AEDT are dispatched the same day. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are processed the following business day.

What happens if my parcel goes missing ?

When your order is dispatched, you automatically receive a notification email from Australia Post with a tracking number. Once your parcel leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of Australia Post. Having a tracking number enables you to check on the location of your parcel via the Australia Post website and to go to your local post office to check its status.

Sometimes, the Australia Post delivery person will leave your parcel in a safe place. When they do, they usually take a photograph which is available at your Post Office.

If you have any problems, please get in touch with our office and we can instigate an investigation with Australia Post on your behalf.

Do you send internationally ?

Yes, we can ship orders worldwide. Rates for international shipping are calculated at checkout.

Is your website secure ?

We respect your private information. We have made a big investment in our website to ensure that it is safe for you to purchase our herbal teas without any concerns. You can be assured that whether you shop with us on your computer or mobile, your information is always protected.

Is the information I provide you kept private ?

At Herbal Teas Australia, we have a firm commitment to privacy. We do not sell, or trade customer lists with anyone. Our site’s contact forms require users to give us contact information (their name, email address & phone number). This contact information is used to contact the customer when necessary. Our site uses an order form for customers to purchase products. This contact information collects the customer’s contact information (their email address) and financial information ( ie credit card numbers). At no time is your payment information or any personal data transmitted to a third party for processing. All portions of the order fulfilment process are handled internally.

Do you provide professional/ medical advice ?

Although I have detailed the actions of some of the herbs that I selected for each blend to explain how the particular tea may help with your health issue, the information is not intended as medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. If your symptoms persist it makes sense to seek professional advice from your healthcare practitioner.

Can I mix the teas together?

Mixing the teas to make one brew is very practical and I am always suggesting to customers to do that. It just makes it more convenient. Herbs are plant food and the body recognises and responds to them.

Just like you can combine different vegetables to make a soup, which is also plant food, herbal teas can be mixed too. Just think, if you drink them separately, they all end up in the same spot anyway!

Are the herbal tea blends OK for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, they are. Herbs are plant food.

What about gluten, sugars and lactose?

Our herbal tea blends do not contain grains, sugar or milk products so they are safe for customers with intolerances.  

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