My philosophy when creating Herbal Teas Australia organic herbal tea company was to give people high-quality organic herbal teas, using Australian organic herbs wherever possible, and share health information about diet & lifestyle which can result in a healthier life. I wanted to present teas with labels that were simple and would address specific health issues so that customers could identify with them. To be curious as to how they can help and to spark their interest in various herbal remedies.

I care about people and the possibility of a healthy life for everyone, including myself. I understand that men, in particular, find it difficult to discuss health issues and this can cost them dearly in health and happiness. Actually, I find it inspiring how many men buy my teas, who like to discuss various remedies and who have a great perspective on health and healing.

I am especially inspired today by the number of young people who are researching and involving themselves in the groundswell of people keen to eat well and include herbal teas in their healthy lifestyles.

We are all on this journey together and I am glad to be part of your incredible health journey.

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