Herbal teas are more than just healthy and delicious to drink, they can help with halitosis, or bad breath. The following story demonstrates how herbal teas are remedies that can make a dramatic difference to your life.

Jan realised she had a problem when she would start to talk to people and they would take a step back. Yep, she had bad breath, also known as Halitosis and because of the reaction of people, she was feeling like a social outcast and was becoming very anti-social. Talking with people, especially in groups, had become so awkward and embarrassing that she just avoided it.
This is where herbs and herbal teas are at their finest. Herbal Teas Australia has teas that can address the different causes of bad breath and incorporated into your daily routine it can mean the end of feeling a social outcast.
So what causes bad breath?
Constipation is often a culprit. When food is not being digested efficiently and spends too much time on the colon, the food ferments and putrefies, toxins are released into the bloodstream and are eliminated via the lungs – bad breath.
Helicobacter pylorus is another culprit. Stomach bacteria which causes ulcers can also result in bad breath.
It may be a dental or gum issue, medications or a throat infection. It may even be the coffee you drink, and having it with milk, and smoking tobacco.
But the underlying cause of bad breath is not drinking enough water. Because the bowel is not hydrated then constipation forms, and all other issues will result.
If the problem is sinuses or gum disease, the EYES tea with the herbs Eyebright and Calendula is recommended. I suggest drinking a pot of the tea each day instead of caffeinated drinks and using it as a mouth rinse after brushing with a natural toothpaste (from a health food store). For sinuses issues, I recommend soaking cotton balls in the cold tea, then lie down and rest them against the eyes. (Eyes are connected to the sinuses via the tear ducts)

If it is constipation, the herbs in Herbal Teas Australia CONSTIPATION tea will help with elimination and digestion.
For the aftereffects of a bout of flu or a cold, then I suggest the WINTER BLEND herbs with Echinacea and Olive leaf for relief of congestion that could be contributing the bad breath.
Ofcourse, dietary changes are necessary. Drinking atleast 2 litres of water a day, eliminating dairy, coffee & tea (not herbal teas) are a very good start.
Efficient bowel function by eliminating twice a day is vital which means no food is putrefying and fermenting in your colon so drinking herbal teas, eating raw vegetables and fruit, plus wholegrains and unprocessed foods can get you back on the social scene and stop feeling self-conscious when talking to people.